Our Participants

The children and adolescents who attend Altitude at Via are sweet, funny, creative, engaging, and talented. They may excel in many areas including art, music, academics, theater, science or technology, and under “the right circumstances” they may be indistinguishable from their peers. While their interests and personalities may vary, the common thread is that that all of our campers experience social cognitive challenges that impact their perceptions of social situations and affect their ability to develop and maintain friendships, participate in shared conversation, or feel comfortable when they are with other children their age.

Although not all of our campers have a formal diagnosis, many have been characterized as having a verbal or nonverbal learning disability, ADHD, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, or High Functioning Autism. At Altitude, we see the whole child, not just a label. Our admissions process is personalized and comprehensive.


In order to be successful at camp, an Altitude camper will be able to:

  • function within a ratio of 3 campers to 1 counselor in a group setting
  • exhibit language at a conversational level – though, they may need some help initiating conversations, staying on topic, listening to others, switching topics, and maintaining or ending conversations in a good way
  • complete daily living skills independently – however, at times they may require some prompts or reminders

Since each child is unique, the best way to find out if our program would be a good fit for a particular child is to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and are available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.


Altitude participants are motivated to be at camp and willing to participate in most activities with peers. They have some insight into their emotions and behaviors, and they are responsive to behavioral interventions. Our campers are ready to engage and practice or learn new skills, and they do not exhibit significant behavioral challenges.


CONTACT US: kjensen@viaservices.org, (408) 243-7861 ext. 224