Dad to Son with Autism Tells Today Show: It’s Not About Me

Happy belated Father’s Day! We know how hard parenting can be, but also how rewarding it is. Watch this video to hear from a dad speak about what he has learned from parenting his son who has autism:

Social Skills

Check out this great article by Michelle Garcia Winner! It’s all about social skills, social thinking, and social media. Social Thinking

What Parents Don’t Get About Camp

Parents, not sure about the idea of camp? You aren’t the only one! Many parents are unsure about the benefits of camp, and some don’t know what really goes on at camp. If you would like to learn more about … Continued

Autism, Parenting, and Feeling Judged

Autism, parenting and feeling judged The link above is an insightful article written by Laura Shumaker about the feelings of judgement that accompany parenting a child (or children) with Autism. Take a look!

Executive Functions in Children with ASDs

“Executive functioning” is a term heard over and over in the world of Autism, but what does it really even mean? This great article, written by Dr. Erik von Hahn and Bernadette Bentley, gives us a great explanation of what … Continued

Can Therapy Dogs Help Kids with Autism?

  Researchers have found that dogs present at therapy sessions help autistic kids speak and smile more, and behave less aggressively. Additionally, therapy dogs in the home give parents a sense of relief while also proving therapeutic for the child. … Continued

Autism Moms Have Stress Similar to Combat Soldiers

Thank you Autism Moms! We are so grateful for your positive outlook and hard work each and every minute of every day. Check out the article below about the stress that Autism Moms experience on a daily basis: Autism Moms … Continued