Helping Your Special Needs Child Succeed in College

Click on the link below for a wonderful article about support services that help teens on the Autism Spectrum succeed in college. It features Eastern Michigan University as well as Dean College, which are only two schools among many that … Continued

Meet our new Day-Camp Director: Lisa Anderson

Hello fellow and future Camp Altitude family members. I feel confident in calling you ‘family’ because this is exactly what we have and will become through Camp Altitude. I am a Mild/Moderate Education Specialist in Sanger Unified School District, and … Continued

Some Thoughts About Motivation and Your Child

How can understanding the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation help me as a parent?  It can help you to motivate your child to do something you know is important for their development but for which they do not yet … Continued

It’s okay

In this moving blog the author, Lexi Magnussen, lets parents know that their feelings about having a child on the autism spectrum are normal and okay.  The voice she uses is perhaps kinder and gentler than the inner voice many … Continued

Understanding parents of children with autism

This is a very practical and compassionate piece written by Michelle Gabrielle Centamore How do you show support for a friend whose child was just diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder?  What should you say? What should you do?  What should … Continued

New Aspergers or high functioning autism diagnosis?

This article about how a new Aspergers or High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HF ASD) diagnosis affects the entire family was originally posted on Autism Speaks.  For many families this diagnosis may be their first introduction to Aspergers and Autism … Continued

Autism friendly MineCraft server

If you are reading this blog then you have certainly heard of MineCraft.  This is an interesting interview, re-blogged from Autism Speaks, with a parent who set up an “autism-friendly” MineCraft server called “Autocraft.”

Importance of executive functioning skills

This article is a nice, brief introduction to what executive functioning is and how it impacts learning.  At Camp Altitude we understand the importance of executive functioning not only to learning, but to independent living skills, and the adult requirements … Continued