Enrollment Process

It is simple to start the enrollment process. Please fill out the Initial Inquiry Form. Once the form is received, Kirsten Jensen, Altitude Program Manager will contact you.


What you can expect during the enrollment process:

  1. First, please fill out the Initial Inquiry Form.
  2. Someone from Altitude at Via will contact you with any questions and guide you through the next steps.  While the next steps may vary slightly based on the individual child, the general process is outlined below.
  3. Our staff will provide you with Intake Forms to complete.  Once returned, our team will meet to review those forms.
  4. If your child seems like he or she might be a good fit for our program, an Intake Interview will be scheduled.
  5. Please submit two Release of Information Forms so we may contact the professionals working with your participant.
  6. Once we have conducted the Intake Interview, all intake forms are completed, and all professional references are contacted, our team will meet again to review this information.  If your child is a good match for our program and Camp Altitude seems like a program that he or she will benefit from, we will extend an acceptance to enroll for this coming summer!

How long do we wait before we know about acceptance?

The enrollment process is very smooth.  The length of time will be determined by how long it takes to submit all forms, schedule and conduct the interview, and how soon we are able to connect with the professionals who work with your child.  In order to expedite the enrollment process, please let all professional references know that Altitude at Via will be calling.  The whole enrollment process typically takes two to six weeks depending upon scheduling.


Thank you for coming back to Altitude at Via for another summer… we love our returning participants! We do know that all children grow and change within the year, and this is why it is so important to get an update about your child before camp starts.

  1. Please fill out the registration form.
  2. Kirsten Jensen, Altitude Program Manager will contact you to discuss any changes or updates with your participant to update their file.
  3. Families will be asked to submit new Release of Information Forms, so that Altitude at Via will be able to have continued contact with the professionals working with your child, on an as needed basis.