General FAQ

How long is your camp session?

Whether your camper is attending day camp or sleep-away camp, Camp Altitude’s session is two weeks long. Day campers attend only on weekdays – Monday through Friday. Sleep-away campers attend for the full two weeks.

Why two weeks?

From our experience, the two-week sleep-away program has proven to be the right amount of time for campers to derive the benefits of a sleep-away camp experience, while not feeling overly daunting to either children or parents in terms of time spent apart.

For our youngest campers, the two-week day camp program is a wonderful opportunity to experience a taste of Altitude that mirrors the duration of our sleep-away program. Day campers spend two weeks engaged in all of our exciting camp activities, providing them with a richly supported yet natural environment in which to make connections and focus upon strengthening their skills.

Where does camp take place?

Camp Altitude consists of a two-week sleep-away program and a two-week day camp program that take place concurrently at Menlo College in Atherton, California – conveniently located between San Francisco and San Jose. Both campuses include dorms, athletic facilities, and a multitude of outdoor and indoor activity areas that are available exclusively for our use.

Who are the counselors and staff at camp?

Our counseling staff consists of a combination of university and graduate students and young professionals who are engaged in a career or interested in working in the fields of education, psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy and the like. All of our staff members have completed at least one year of college. In addition our multidisciplinary leadership team provides training, supervision, and clinical support to the Altitude Team.

How will the campers be grouped?

Campers are generally placed into groups of approximately six campers. When creating groups, our team tries to take into consideration the children’s ages, developmental levels, personalities, and overall presentation. There will be a minimum of two staff members assigned to each group of six, and additional professional staff who rotate among groups throughout the day. While campers travel with their groups, we encourage meeting and interactions with campers in other groups throughout the day – during activities, meals, free time, and evening programs.

Where will the sleep-away campers stay?

Campers live in university dorm rooms. There are typically at least two campers in each room. Our counseling and professional staff also live in the dorms on the same floors as our campers.

How do I know my child will be safe at camp?

Camp Altitude has exclusive use of – and access to – our dorms on campus. The universities provide campus security, and our camp staff use walkie-talkies to communicate with one another. Our staff nurse is on site at all times and accompanies our group on off-campus trips. Additionally, there is a comprehensive University Health Center on each campus.

Can I talk to my child while he/she is at sleep-away camp?

Each camper has one scheduled phone call during the camp session. We do not schedule phone calls for the first three days of camp, so our campers have time to adjust. Camp staff are present during phone calls to provide support, since the calls can be emotional. Parents can also send emails or letters to campers. Emails will be printed out and distributed to our campers on a daily basis.

What contact will I have with the staff and camp directors during camp?

Our camp staff is available to speak with parents during our summer sessions. Executive Director Kirsten Jensen will be available by phone and via e-mail, should you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, each night Camp Altitude will post photos of the day’s events at camp, so you can see your child in action at camp!

What happens if my child needs medical attention? What if my child takes medication?

Camp Altitude has a full-time nurse living in the dorm with the campers and staff. Medications taken by campers are stored under lock and key with the nurse and they are distributed as required by our nurse. In addition, there is a University Health Center on the campus.

How will you help prepare me and my child for camp this summer?

Our comprehensive intake process ensures that we obtain detailed information about your child, as well as information about any services provided. We will personally meet with you and your child to not only get to know you, but to also start the process of getting you ready for camp and familiarizing you with the Camp Altitude Program.

Prior to the start of camp, you will receive a Parent Handbook outlining all aspects of the Camp Altitude experience. Additionally, Kirsten Jensen, Executive Director, will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

What does my child pack for camp? Is laundry done while at camp?

Prior to camp, you will receive a packing list of items that we recommend that each camper bring to camp. For sleep-away campers, laundry is done on campus one time in the middle of the camp session.