Parent Testimonials

“He used to believe friends weren’t worth his time and would always disappoint him. And then he would wonder why he felt so lonely. At camp, he learned that the right kinds of friends are absolutely worth his time! He knows he needs to invest in friendships. We were hoping that two weeks at camp would help him realize that he can be great and accomplish a lot without mom and dad with him 24/7. So far, it is working. He is looking forward to the academics and social time at school. Another big thing is that he learned how to carry on a real conversation. The second night home he wanted to talk for about an hour before bed – just back-and-forth casual conversation. At 11 years old that has NEVER happened! He came home with so much more confidence and positive self-esteem. He saw how good people can be – adults and children, and he has more faith in people now. Camp Altitude really brought out the best in him!”

“My daughter became more confident about her friendship skills. She also was the most enthusiastic that I have seen.”

“My son enjoys every aspect of Camp Altitude. He cannot wait to return each year. The greatest benefit he received from camp this year was the opportunity to develop and improve his planning, organization, independent living, and social skills in a safe and well supported peer setting.”

“Camp Altitude provides me the opportunity to provide my son a safe, fun and memorable summer experience while supporting his individual needs. Camp Altitude provides my son with concrete examples for important skills, which he can recall and leverage in his day to day life. These examples are something that I cannot provide or manufacture even in a therapeutic setting. The opportunities Camp Altitude provides our family are invaluable.”

“As always, the quality of staff at Camp Altitude exceeded my expectations. The staff are qualified, kind, supportive, and engaging. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“I hoped he would have fun, make friends, be coached in ways to help him hone his social skills, and experience the positive camaraderie of camp. All of these expectations were met! I loved that you had them doing all kinds of physical things each day. He loved the hikes especially.”

“How would we ever know that he could do so well being away from us for two whole weeks with people he just barely met? He’s only 11, and he already knows he can handle college and is looking forward to it!”