Altitude Advisory Board

Dr. Lori E. Bond

Lori E. Bond, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Psychology (School Psychology specialization) from the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education in 1992. She completed her training in the Department of Pediatric Psychology, Children’s Seashore House and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Penn Early Intervention Project at the University of Pennsylvania. While in Philadelphia, she was the Clinical Director of a multidisciplinary clinic serving young children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families. Dr. Bond moved to the Bay Area in 1995 and from 1996-2006 she was a staff psychologist in the Pervasive Developmental Disorders Clinic and Infant-Young Child Departments at The Children’s Health Council (CHC). Dr. Bond’s clinical specialty includes the evaluation and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Julia Elman

juliaelman-150x150As the mother of 2 boys, one typical and one with special needs Julia has seen what is possible and available in all aspects of both of her children’s lives. To be successful at helping your child with special needs you must learn the systems available for your child and then to strategically navigate them- gently but firmly. In her 17 years as a parent of a child with special needs she learned to navigate the Selpa, the school system, the Regional Center, the health insurance system, a variety of privately available resources, mainstream resources that she was able to get modified for special needs, and special needs resources she was able to modify for her child’s special needs. In some cases she helped existing programs expand, and in other situations she created new programs. Currently Julia volunteers actively in the special needs community, often helping mothers who are learning about their child’s special needs for the first time. She is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and owns a Professional Organizing Business.

Dr. Linda Lotspeich

lotspeichLinda-150x150Linda Lotspeich, MD, MEd is a child psychiatrist who has worked with special needs children for over 30 years. She obtained BA and MA degrees in Education at the University of Cincinnati, for teaching children with autism and other developmental disorders. Dr. Lotspeich was a special education teacher for five years, before deciding to pursue a medical degree, at the University of Cincinnati, to study the neurobiology of autism. She came to Stanford University for resident training in pediatrics and psychiatry and later joined the faculty. She devoted her time to clinical assessments for children with autism as well as to research in the genetics and neuroimaging of autism. In 2005 Dr. Lotspeich spent two years developing and supporting clinical services for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Northern California Kaiser Permanente. She has since returned to Stanford to expand services, helping parents learn strategies that support their child’s development.

Stephanie Madrigal

stephanie-150x150Stephanie Madrigal received her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from San Jose State University. She has worked as part of the team at the Social Thinking Clinic., in San Jose, for over nine years. The Center provides a range of services including social thinking groups, assessments, consultations and training’s for clients ranging from ages 3- adulthood who present with social cognitive challenges. Her roles include seeing a caseload of students each week in group settings, providing direct consultation and training to local school districts. She is a very creative therapist incorporating her broad knowledge of therapeutic processes with humor and fun to impart information to her students. She provides day long social thinking workshops to parents and educators locally and across the country. She is part of the training team at the center and conducts mentor and internship training’s for educators who are working in the field. Stephanie’s role has also recently expanded to product development with the development of a curriculum entitled, Superflex- A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum and her latest comic book addition of Superflex takes on Glassman.

Dr. Sharadha Raghavan

Dr. Sharadha Raghavan is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist practicing in the SF Bay Area for the past 20 years. She is well trained in diagnosis and treatment of Child and Adolescent mental and neuro-psychiatric disorders including Autism, Tourette’s, ADD/ADHD and Asperger syndrome. Dr. Raghavan completed her Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry residencies at Stanford and UCSF respectively and has co-authored a paper on Arousal Regulation During Social Interaction of Autistic Children with Dr. Bryna Siegel while at Stanford. She is an MD (MBBS) from Madras Medical College, India. Dr. Raghavan is a member of CMA & SCCMA. In addition, she worked as the Lead Psychiatrist at Emergency Psychiatric Services at Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center before going into her private practice. Dr. Raghavan is well respected by physicians, pediatricians, therapists and her peers for her excellent care for her patients.. She feels a sense of satisfaction when her patients have normal lives inspite of their challenges at school, college or work. Dr.Raghavan has a longstanding interest in improving the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders in children and adolescents.

Dr. Jill Rosenberg

jillrosenberg-150x150Dr. Jill Rosenberg is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Cupertino. She works with children, teens, and families with who are living with depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, attentional challenges, autism spectrum disorders, and behavioral challenges that affect school and home. Dr. Rosenberg has provided individual, group, and family therapy in both public and private school settings. She finds deep fulfillment from working in private practice to help individuals and families overcome challenges and improve relationships. Dr. Rosenberg’s clients enjoy her office dog, Lucy who is always there to listen, provide support, and enjoys belly rubs.

David Tager

davetager-150x150David Tager is the owner of Indian Head Camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Prior to being a camp owner / director, David worked with children for more than 20 years as a special education teacher, a director of special service programs and as an elementary school principal. He has also taught in a teachers’ training program at the graduate level at Adelphi University. David is a leader in the Camping Profession, having served on the board of directors of several professional organizations including the New York Section of the American Camp Association. David has also served as the president of the board of directors of a not-for-profit camp for economically disadvantaged youngsters and presently serves as an active member of that board. David is a graduate of Hofstra University where he received a BS degree in Teaching of Speech and Hearing Handicapped; an MS Degree in Special Education and a PD in Education Administration.